Tuesday, March 07, 2006

MUNI loves you!

The train ride, ever a source of boredom, loathing, and entertainment was hosted this morning by Mr. Happy Pants. Here's some of what he had to say to his faithful passengers:

"MUNI is glad you're here. MUNI loovvees you!"

"By the way, today is my Friday! Tequila time for me! Friday will be tequila time for you!"

The strangest thing was that no one seemed to respond to these statements. I laughed out loud but no one else did. Maybe it was just me that thought it was fun to ride a train driven by a tequila loving conductor.

In other news.....

Landslides are pretty rare here in SF, but they happen from time to time. In fact, they usually happen in the richest areas of the city which is how it should be with all natural disasters everywhere.

We've got an impending landslide here, a block from my work. We're on the backside of Telegraph Hill, and part of that hill is collapsing. It's just a big cliff-face with rocks and dirts and plants and houses precariously balanced on it.

I couldn't find any great pictures of this side of the hill, but someone posted this drawing, which should give you a good idea of what a landslide could do:

The funniest part about this side of the hill is the "For Sale" sign on the side of the sliding cliff next to the boulders that are threatening to tumble onto Sansome Street. I suppose it's not funny for the folks at the top of the hillslide, watching the support for their homes crumbling before their eyes, and probably not for the realtor that's trying to sell that prime piece of real estate.

The impending landslide doesn't seem all that severe to me, but they've got part of the street blocked off and firemen standing around staring at the hillside. People walk up and go "Oh wooowwww." and "Ooooh." and "Oh my goddd." Everything starts with "Oh...."

Until a house tumbles on to Sansome Street, I'll be keeping my "Oh" to myself. Hopefully it will happen during my tequila time on Friday.


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Anonymous said...

I think I had the same train operator six years later.